• Nicholas

    Foreign Teacher 外教老师

    My name is Nicholas Fuhrmann, and I am from Perth, Western Australia. Perhaps you haven’t heard much about my hometown compared with Sydney or Melbourne, however I think the beaches in Perth, not to mention the burgeoning music and culinary scene are among the best in the world. 

      From an early age I developed an interest in studying foreign languages and so this lead me to eventually major in Chinese and Japanese at the University of Western Australia. By the time I had graduated I had visited Japan several times and studied at Zhejiang University and in Beijing in China.

       It seemed natural to me that I should look for a career in Asia, and I was lucky to have the opportunity to do a Management Traineeship in Chongqing, at Le Meridien Hotel. I followed this career for several years, being promoted to Assistant Restaurant Manager at Le Meridien, and then moving to Guangzhou to work as a Restaurant Manager at Hilton DoubleTree. I feel very proud of my achievements in the Hospitality industry, however I felt a need to pursue my passion for training and education, and so I decided to try my hand at teaching English.

  • Alice

    AM 教学主管

    Hi! I’m Alice.It’s a real pleasure to join in World International English.I’ve been a teacher around 10 years. And I still have passion in it. I believe that I was born to be a teacher. Why I love it because I enjoy the feeling of being needed. It’s not just the limited content you teach in the class. They regard you as their close friend. Once they get any difficulties in language learning, or any progress they made, the first person they want to come to or share with is you. Teaching is also a creative, two-way learning between teacher and students. That’s the charm of teaching. Anyway, the trust you give us is the motivation we work with. 


  • Kevin

    Foreign Teacher 外教老师

    Kevin Burns was born and raised in Princeton, New Jersey. He has a BA in history from Marquette University , a MBA in finance from Seton Hall University, a mini-MBA in Digital Marketing from Rutgers University and a CIMA from the prestigious University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business.  He has been recognized by the Investment Management Consultants Association and the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals. His achievements gave won him a spot in Who's Who of International Business Professionals.

    Kevin is a highly trained paramedic with expertise in mountain rescue and helicopter rescues . This training put him on the national stage during the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York City. Despite numerous injuries to himself, he was credited with rescuing 24 people (including 2 British subjects) and treating over 100 wounded people. Because of his efforts that day, Kevin's name has been submitted to the US Congress and the United Kingdom for the Congressional Gold Medal and British Knighthood . Kevin loves flying and has been trained on many aircraft including FAA certifications for the DC-10 and Boeing 737 aircraft.  He also worked on logistics management for the world famous United States Navy Blue Angels Flight Demonstration Team. With his flying and history knowledge, he is currently working with the famous Chinese movie director, John Woo, as a Flying Tiger expert for an upcoming movie called "The Flying Tigers". With his love of global politics and history , he has served with great distinction on the United Nations Security Council helping to divert global crises around the world. His main hobby is photography and has publish a number of books using his photography and writing skills.
  • Penny

    Tutor 中教老师

    I believe mastering a language only requires your good performance on your study report, but a more important thing is that you need blur it out. No matter what you think of English before, now we could regard it as a weapon to solve problems, a tool to translate your life and polish your communication skill. 

    我是一个比较活泼开朗的人,喜欢和人沟通交流,我相信学一门语言的本质也是口语更加重要。我会将英语融入到我们日常生活当中。那么对于零基础的你, 我们也不怕,英语作为交流工具会使你的生活更加有趣!

  • John

    Foreign Teacher 外教老师

    Hey! I am John. I am working on my bucket list indulging in my passions as time allows.  My interests are as follows;

       Teaching – I enjoy interacting with adult students, exchanging ideas and assisting the students in achieving their goals of various levels of proficiency in English.      

       Books – I love reading and my first choice is reading history, historical fiction and mystery novels.  In the last few years I have also written a few books.

        Food & Cooking – I have always tried to cook healthy food with as many natural ingredients aspossible. I love cooking and the opportunity for indulging in the creativity of the process.

       Travel – China has an abundance of beautiful scenery and a variety of cultures, all amazing and interesting to visit.

  • Aeliya

    Tutor 中教老师

    We rock!

    Hey! This is Aeliya. By the way, I know you know me.

    I have had several colorful experiences before as a traditional bartender, solicitor trainee and contract translator. However, I chose being an English teacher as my career, ‘cause you, my students, are as diverse and cool as me. I truly believe you can also teach me something such as knowledge of a particular subject or a life principle.I am crazy about all languages, that’s why I also want to share my passion with you guys. Language is the Key to culture, which is the coolest way to experience the wonderful world.So, let’s ride!

    We rock!

  • Alena

    Foreign Teacher 外教老师

    Hello everyone,my name is Alena.I have  been fortunate enough to grow up in a bilingual family, because my parents decided to teach my two native languages right from the start of my life.

    I have been teaching English for more than 5 years back in Czech and here in China for over 3 years.It is one of my biggest hobbies, so I try to make my classes at least little funny (I hope I have been successful) and share not only my language knowledge but also some interesting facts and experience.
       From my travels.Otherwise I enjoy sports, mostly playing tennis and badminton, swimming (hanging out by the pool and enjoy refreshing cocktails) watching movies, reading about history and nature and studying Chinese(which is much harder than Chinese people say. 
  • Emily

    study advisor 学习指导老师

    Hello there my dear friends, Im Emily, graduated from Sichuan International Studies University and majored in English.

    Im honored to Join this family of World, and I enjoy my life now. To be a good Study Adviser is to be a better person, I believe that the love of learning is the most beautiful thing in the world. Before joining our team here, I am an English Representative in a High-end Apartment Rent Agent in Chongqing for one year and an inside salesperson in Singapore for 18 months, which helps me a lot on my current role.

    There is no recipe to be a great teacher, thats why teachers are unique. Someone says that the mediocre teacher tells , the good teacher explains, ,the superior teacher demonstrates, but the great teacher inspires. Apart from that, a great teacher also nurtures and encourages students, thats what were doing. Im here Looking forward to know you.


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